Tips and Tricks for a Clean and Healthy RV Home

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

One way to promote happiness and health in your RV home is to have it super clean and organized. I know a thing or two about that because let's face it, you have to when you are tiny living! Check out my tips and tricks below and fall in love with your camper trailer all over again.

Your RV Kitchen Trash Can

This one seems a bit obvious—but garbage stinks, especially in a small RV space. Little spills and crumbs can build up over just a day or two and form bad odors inside your RV camper trailer or motorhome that linger even when you take out the trash bag (you should empty the trash regularly, like every day in my opinion!).

Check out this really cool Collapsible Hanging Kitchen Trash Can, which is the ultimate small RV compact waste basket!

Find this collapsible hanging RV trash can here ($17,

Wipe Down Your Interior RV Walls

One nice thing about a tiny living space like camper trailers or motorhomes is you can reach all the walls and ceilings for cleaning. And believe me, that's important when you're 5'2" like me, lol.

This is what I personally use. As you can see here, I'm about to wipe down the walls and sink in my RV bathroom. I love that the Arm & Hammer Disinfecting Wipes is citrus based too!

Make Some DIY Essential Oil Room Sprays

Once in a while you may get the urge to light a candle, but it's not the greatest idea when inside a small RV camper. You also don't want to use those commercial "plug-ins" because they will melt your countertop that's above the electrical outlet. (I know this from experience!)

2 DIY Essential Oil Room Spray Recipes

Peppermint Room Spray Recipe

15 drops of peppermint essential oil (smells fresh and also repels mice and other rodents!)

1 ounce of filtered water

2 ounce spray bottle

*Shake well to combine ingredients. Shake prior to use each time.


DIY "Fresh Air" Room Spray

4 oz spray bottle

10 drops tea tree essential oil

10 drops lemon essential oil

10 drops lime essential oil

1 tablespoon witch hazel

top with distilled water

*Shake well to combine ingredients. Shake prior to use each time.

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