The Best Dish Drainers for Every RV Kitchen

When your RV kitchen is compact and not spacious, you do a lot or a few dishes by hand. So, you'll find that a practical and stylish dish drainer is exactly what you need to be more functional in your tiny camper trailer kitchen.

If you're like me and love good cleaning hacks especially when I've washed an entire meal's worth of dishes by hand, only to realize I have ONE kitchen towel to place them on to dry!

Enter a good RV dish drying rack here, LOL.

Over the Sink RV Dish Drying Rack

This versatile and cool-looking rack (which features a built-in utensil caddy) fits over your RV camper trailer sink, which I really like! This RV dish rack come with built-in silverware caddy. It can makes room for all the extras. The rack and caddy alike are designed to promote extra air-flow, which makes for quicker drying times, too.

So multifunctional too, this roll up Dish Tray ($20, pictured here is pretty neat.

Collapsible RV Dish Drying Rack

Okay so this might not be a revelation per se, but it'll make your life a lot easier living in an RV full time. Dedicated dish drainers and racks have many benefits you may not necessarily think of: they hold dishes and utensils vertically so water drips right off; many of them have trays to catch water so your tiny RV countertop doesn't get wet; and they can generally hold far more items per square inch than a simple towel would.

Some even look good, like the collapsible black and white Dish Tray ($14, pictured here.

Bamboo Dish Drying Rack

I must admit, this is not my favorite because it takes up valuable space on your RV kitchen countertop. But as far as a bamboo rack goes, this one will rank as my top choice.

Find this bamboo dish drying rack here ($14,

So the next time your RV kitchen sink looks like mine below (yep, it's embarrassing!), think about getting yourself a dish drying rack like one of the ones above. #RVkitchen #RVdishrack #rvkitchenaccessories

Until next time friends... keep cooking something up!


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