The Art of Adding Vintage in the Garden

This topic is near and dear to my heart. I love anything vintage!

In case you aren't up-to-date on my cottage side of this blog, here's the back story to my "fixer upper" vintage cottage farmhouse I recently bought.

As some of you may know, bringing anything vintage into my life is truly what makes me happy. There’s just something about designing and adding vintage character to the material things I own that is so enjoyable to me - like refurbishing this old English cast iron mantel pictured above into our family room.

The very first camper trailer I had was a vintage retro 15 foot canned ham (in mint green!). We nicknamed it "baby" because it looked like it had a diaper on! I miss this sweet camper...

Anyway, I actually have four of these sweet vintage mantels in my home - family room, living room (aka 'my piano room'), hallway and master bedroom. I can't imagine buying any more for the cottage house, lol, but what we never know!

I'm already thinking of adding vintage mantels in the cottage garden, but until I do this ornate row of arched garden trellises in my RV garden will have to do. Technically they aren't truly vintage, but they look like they are and are very pretty.

You can find a similar garden trellis here. ($43,

Having worked in new home construction for my father in my earlier years, I've always had a love for home improvement projects. Since I had my daughter twenty years ago, I’ve dreamt of finding and renovating a vintage home with a white picket fence.

Basically, a Hallmark movie is what I've always dreamed of. But finding the right location, and the right timing, is another obstacle all together!

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