The Allure of the Cottage Garden

Ever wanted to live like Snow White in her adorable little cottage in the forest? Yeah, me too.

For those of you that don't know my background, I "retired" to a second career as an author after being a public school teacher (and piano teacher!) for many years.

One of the things I found out I really enjoy is gardening. I did not have much experience with it until I purchased my 1905 historical southern Georgia homes nestled in Plains, GA right beside former President Jimmy Carter's residence.

When I bought my historic property back in December 2020, the world was in chaos with the pandemic and I really wanted an escape from this bad reality and I believed this one my heaven on earth.

Even though I did not have any real gardening experience, and the backyard was waist-deep in weeds, untamed rose bushes and other plant life, I felt I could breathe life into my vision for creating a beautiful cottage oasis.

I enjoy writing in my up and coming rose garden so much! It inspires my stories in my Plains Cottage book series as well as some new projects I have in the works.

This is a three-season garden I would say. Peonies, azaleas, and daffodils flourish in springtime here, and the color only intensifies as the months pass. Even in winter, I have some blooms around which lends interest to the painterly setting I have here at Plains Cottage in Plains, Georgia.

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Melisa Kennedy is the author and founder of Plains Cottage.  She hopes to "Paint Plains Pink" with her enchanted vision.
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