Plain(s) & Simple Cookbook

Southern recipes and traditions that reared a President and First Lady. Here's a peak into this sweet cookbook that includes recipes from the family and friends of former President Jimmy Carter where my beloved #cottage is located in Plains, Georgia.

My sweet fixer upper cottage is nestled in the small town of Plains, Georgia. This property (and town!) is always surprising me with its little bits of charm and history tucked in at every corner. My sweet cottage style home even came with a huge shabby and chippy white painted chicken coop that could be used like a barn, craft shed, or for the moment -- storage until I unpack everything.

I affectionately called my historical home Plains Cottage.

History of Plains Cottage

(Formerly Howell-Bagwell Home)

The Bagwell Home has been part of Plains, GA since 1907. As one of the original homes in town, it is a popular historical landmark. Knowing the rich history of this home, I was hopeful that this Plains icon wasn't quite finished impressing both locals and visitors. Read more about my fixer upper purchase here.

Here's an excerpt from the Plain(s) & Simple cookbook that I love:

"Probably the most recognizable small town in the United States Plains, Georgia epitomizes the notion that big things come in small packages.
Thrust into the national spotlight of the presidential election of 1976, Plains would forever be recognized as a place of magic."

Being neighbors of former President Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter is such an honor. What they have done for this sweet small town is priceless and having the responsibility of taking care of my historical cottage brings much joy.

If you'd like to purchase and support the town of Plains, Georgia, please consider visiting their website, to learn more and place an order with them for the cookbook.

Below I'm going to share some additional photos from our beautiful down home town of Plains, GA. It's like a Hallmark movie come to life in my opinion!

When you want a taste of true Americana, come see us here in Plains, Georgia. Here's a few pics I've taken from Christmas until now.

When you're here, you must stop at the General Store for the best tasting peanut butter ice cream ever! And of course, buy a bag of fresh Georgia peanuts grown here locally in Plains. Then you can take your photo "I Went Nuts in Plains, Georgia" like I did. :) #plainsgeorgia

Stay tuned, because you never know what's going to happen next here at Plains Cottage! #plainscottage

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