5 Tools for Your Cottage Rose Garden

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Ready… Set… GROW! This is what I'm saying in my head as I'm watering these plant babies.

So I'm not the most patient person in the world, but gardening is teaching me a lesson in learning to wait for good things to happen. Funny how nature is the best teacher that way. ;)

Isn’t it so exciting in the Spring to literally feel warmer temperatures, sun hitting your face, butterflies in the air and the birds sing louder? So let’s get right to it…here are my 5 Tools for Your Cottage Rose Garden.

I will surely share all my fun garden tools with you in this blog post. I will also post as many rose photos as I can. Just remember -- this is a work in progress!

The final reveal of the rose garden here at Plains Cottage will come in a few weeks. I have a lot planned for my finished garden design!


The first thing I love is my garden gloves that keep my hands safe and easier for me to care for the roses. It literally is the only glove I need!


A good trowel is hard to come by, but I love my garden trowel that even has measurements right on the stainless steel blade.

I’ve dreamed of having a rose garden like this one since I got into gardening years ago by planting a few rose bushes in pots.

3. Fork Tool

A small fork tool is idea for helping remove any weeds or unwanted plants in your English rose garden. Here in the south, we get a lot of wildflowers which I love and I don't remove them, but sometimes the wild babies start to choke out my roses and need to be dealt with.

Spring is a great time to plant your new rose garden or anything really such as new shrubs, perennials and even some cold hardy annuals. It’s a fun time of year to visit the garden centers too to get new ideas.

4. Garden Cart or Caddy

I like to have things as organized as possible, which makes a portable caddy handy. Plus I don't like to bend over constantly while tending to my rose garden or vegetable garden.

Having a beautiful rose garden is one thing. But keeping it beautiful is another. With proper preparations it will be easier to maintain in the long run. Take for instance good soil -- it is a must!

5. Good Organic Soil

Time to think about the good soil. Technically not a tool, but it’s always a great idea to add in some organic material like compost which is the tool for making your roses GROW!

I choose organic whenever possible. It's good for the environment, good for your plants, and good for YOU!

So there they are … 5 Tools for Your Cottage Rose Garden! It feels so good when I see my roses starting to bloom…or GROW! Happy Gardening y'all!

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