5 Indoor Plants with Air Purifying Benefits

Most of us spend more than eight hours a day indoors. Full time RVers probably spend less time indoors than non camping folks, but even still people spend a lot of time indoors at home, in their RV or at work. Air conditioning, improved insulation, and energy-saving all reduce air exchange in buildings, so we breathe the same air again and again.

Here's a couple photos from inside my RV. Below I will list the top 5 indoor plants that clean the air inside your camper trailer or sticks and bricks home.

(This aloe plant is sitting on the side table of my RV bedroom.)

Some Benefits of Having Indoor Plants in Your RV or Home

I know through my research that RVs, motorhomes, and travel trailers all emit toxins from the glue, formaldehyde, and other chemicals used in the manufacturing of camper trailers.

Ever smell that plastic-y scent when you walk into a new RV motorhome or travel trailer, especially during hot summer months? Yeah, that's the formaldehyde and other chemicals you are smelling. (Yuck!) In fact, many of the glues used in making wood products for RVs like hardwood plywood, particle board and medium density fiberboard use it. Your RV cabinets, furniture, flooring, paneling etc all have it. So, having a way to purify the air I breathe while full time RVing is very important to me!!

Below, I will list how the presence of indoor plants have been shown to have many other beneficial effects besides cleaning the indoor air.

Additional Health Benefits of Air Purifying Plants

Here's a list of additional reasons to get yourself some air purifying plants for inside your RV, home, and office:

  • Reduction of stress levels

  • Increased positive feelings

  • Control of humidity

  • Improved concentration levels

  • Reduced feelings of anxiety

  • Improved sleep

Aloe and Succulent Plants photo via Amazon

Top 5 Air Purifying Plants for Your RV Home

In 1989, NASA discovered that houseplants can absorb harmful toxins from the air, especially in enclosed spaces with little air flow.

  1. Aloe Vera Plants: According to experts, a pot of aloe is better than 9 air purifiers. Put a pot of aloe in a room under 24-hour light irradiation, the plant can remove 90% of the formaldehyde in the air.

  2. Golden pothos: Sometimes called the devil's ivy (but I don't know why?!). Put it somewhere in your RV or home that has room to grow, because it can grow up to 8 feet long.

  3. Spider Plants: Also known as air plants, spider plants grow quickly and look great in hanging baskets, and produce pretty little white flowers.

4. Snake Plants: Pretty neat little plant baby because it's snake plants are one of the few plants that can convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into oxygen at night.

5. Bamboo Plants: The lucky bamboo is my favorite to filter out airborne toxins, such as carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and benzene.

Chinese medicine has long recognized that a healthy balance must be struck in our homes (or full time RV living) between dampness and dryness. Dampness can create mold and other organisms that invade the lungs. Dryness, on the other hand, harms your mucus membranes, causing respiratory problems. Either extreme affects your health negatively, and that is why it is important to get certain plants inside your camper trailer or RV motorhome because they act as indoor air regulators.

Regardless of which one of the above five indoor plants you decided to buy (or get all of them as I have!) because they are great for indoor décor and can freshen up the air by releasing oxygen.

Here's one last photo from inside my RV. I have these two plants sitting in the window to get some beautiful morning sunshine so they can keep me and my RV healthy!

P.S. Pay no attention to the spots on my windows from the rain and winds we had this week!! LOL Guess I need to wash those before taking a photo with my cell phone next time... oh well.

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