3 Tips That Every NEW Gardener Should Know

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Starting a garden in your backyard can be intimidating. Here's some great advice summarized from SeedsNow that I love.

As you can see, we are doing container gardening here at the cottage. And then we are adding a larger in-ground garden later.

1. Only Plant What You Eat

To quote SeedsNow, "remember that if you won't eat it...don't waste your time growing it. Stick with what you love and already enjoy cooking."

But this is so true. Why waste time planting and caring for something that you don't like eating yourself. I stick to those herbs, veggies, and fruits that I regularly cook with and enjoy

2. Container Gardening or In Ground

Next you'll need to decide if you want to start with a container garden (which I recommend) or in ground garden. Here is a great container garden unit to try!

I choose to go with container gardening since I am really still learning how to get a green thumb! I've even dabbled in growing an RV garden.

3. Start With Herbs

Many beginners prefer to start with growing herbs, which is smart. You can even grow parsley in cute containers anywhere - backyard, RV, urban apartment, or a windowsill. Only select the best like Heirloom & Non GMO herb seeds.

The reason for this is because you do not want genetically modified herbs for yourself or family. Go for the best here and you'll be happy you did!

Learn how to grow parsley at your RV campsite, small space, or even windowsills here. Parsley has so many cooking and medicinal purposes. Plus it is fairly easy to grow.

There are 3 varieties of parsley which might commonly be used; curly leaf, flat leaf and root parsley. Buy your parsley seeds HERE.

All parts of parsley (the seeds, root and leaves) are edible and can be used to make natural medicinal remedies. One common medicinal use of parsley is to consume it orally in order to treat bladder infections. #parsley #growparsley #plainscottage #plainsgeorgia

To learn more about parsley, click here.

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