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BMK Publishing

Our Story

I'm Melisa Kennedy, and I am the founder of BMK Publishing.  Here's my story... (most of it at least!)

I graduated West Virginia University with a degree in

Elementary Education.  I found teaching a wonderful experience,

but I always yearned for something more.

When my daughter was born, I started an all natural cosmetics

company -- way before it was popular to go "chemical free". 

I pioneered the industry and gained valuable business experience

along the way while learning that cut throat tactics are a

requirement for owners of cosmetics businesses and really not

my style!

On my career journey, I started a local "tween" magazine while living in the town Disney built - Celebration, Florida.  I loved it but it was a free publication for children and I didn't make the money from it I needed. 


Then my big break came!  I discovered the communities around Walt Disney World really didn't have a good local magazine that local and visitors could turn to.  So, I started one in 2015!  It was supposed to cover only communities along Orlando's Interstate 4 - hence the name FOUR.

Since then, I have watched it grow beyond Florida's borders.  Proudly, we have published 19 volumes of FOUR Magazines and taken it nationwide. 


I am currently working on the first book trilogy, BLOOD OF THE KINGDOM, with plans to also write a Christmas romance novel later this year. 


BMK Publishing is now happy to accept self publishing authors to our repertoire. As an author myself, I will oversee your project along with my team.

In short, there is no one else who does what we do.  We actually take the time to invest in YOU personally, and find the best ways to help our newly signed media and author accounts. I am constantly working with our beloved "BMK family" members, and bring high-level experience to make sure we stay at the top of our game.

We are truly unlike a traditional publisher in almost every way.

If you are a fellow magic-maker or aspire to be one, I know you will feel right at home here at BMK Publishing.

Apply now to join the BMK Publishing family >>>

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