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There's a little something for everyone at BMK Publishing. Books, events, and shopping for mind, body, and spirit items for yourself and home.  The BMK website itself is staged and set up with one goal in mind: to inspire you to expand on the world we live in. We hope that you'll get to know our beloved authors.

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BMK was founded in 2016 by Melisa Kennedy as a way to self-publish her first magazine, FOUR. Today, BMK is committed to delivering books, media, events, products and services that empower and educate the individual, while helping to heal our planet.


With each passing year, BMK expands their mission and operations. We now publish books, events, and stream videos online on a variety of topics.  BMK also brings empowerment to the independent author and are proud of it.


The areas covered by BMK reflect an eclectic assortment of interests: paranormal, mind-body-spirit, inspiration, health & healing, UFOs, spirituality, diet, business, fiction, memoir, cookbooks, astrology, feng shui, children’s books, and much, much more.




Raw, Tumbled, Clusters

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Paranormal & Alternative

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Relaxation and More

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