Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m interested in becoming a BMK author, do I have to apply online?

Yes. Anyone interested in becoming a BMK author for this upcoming year must submit an application online in order to be considered. 


I write paranormal / UFO books but also have other stories not in this realm.  Can I become a BMK author with my other titles as well?

Yes. We welcome anyone who is interested in becoming a BMK author although our main focus is spiritual, faith, paranormal, UFO, mysterious, alternative, and the unexplained, we will consider your work.

If I am selected as a BMK author, do I have to accept the invitation to participate?

No. If you are selected as a BMK author, you will have the opportunity to either accept or decline the invitation.

What forms do I have to provide if selected as a BMK author? Is there a fee?

All authors will have a signed agreement (provided by BMK Publishing), a signed social media policy (provided by BMK Publishing) and a wholesale publishing fee based on size of book.

How and when will I be notified if I am selected?

Applicants will be notified their status update via email to the email address provided on the application.

My work was previously published by another company.

We no longer consider previously published works for publication.