Afternoon Tea


We are delighted to present the exclusive Plains Cottage Afternoon Tea experience (accepting weekend reservations starting on Jan 2, 2022).  Combining Melisa Kennedy's feel-good books and a beautiful afternoon tea setting, is Plains' only tea room.  With shabby white and fairy-tale pink aesthetics of Melisa's private home, where guests can expect to immerse themselves into a celebration of captivating historical features, pastel-hues and her exquisite antique china collection. 

Please note we are not a full-service restaurant, but rather we serve only cottage foods:  seasonal tea, pastries & sweets.

We have created the ultimate afternoon tea for you to share with friends and family, or just as a treat for yourself.  We also have a to-go Dessert Menu below if you wish to take something home.

Plains Cottage Dessert Menu.jpg
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