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Your show and our audience membership will unlock the key to accessing exclusive members-only merchandise, events and our spellbinding PARA HOUSE Magazine featuring all of our network's celebrities, and many more surprises to be announced very soon.


It’s like being in a secret society, because who doesn't like to feel special

with a little extra magic sprinkled on top?!


1. IMPORTANT: If you only plan on pledging to the museum just to attend the conference, be sure you drop your pledge before September 30 or you'll be charged for October.

2. TO REITERATE: This conference is presented in support of the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult and the speakers attending. If you join the museum just to attend the conference and drop your pledge afterwards, please keep in mind that we cannot offer refunds for any reason other than a complete cancellation of the event.

Please do consider sticking around, though, as we organize great stuff like this often and can truly use your support at a time when our traveling museum can't do much traveling, and our big events for 2020 have dried up. Check our past content and we think you'll see how valuable, fun, and enriching maintaining a membership to the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult is.

3. Speakers, screenings, musical guests, and time slots are subject to change. Accidents, illnesses, and internet outages happen, especially during global pandemics. We'll do our best to make sure things go smooth, but unavoidable changes may occur.

4. All streams will be broadcast through our private Facebook group, therefore you must have a Facebook account to attend the online conference. If you have an aversion to social media, we recommend creating a burner account just for group access, which has worked out really well for dozens of our museum members. In the unlikely event that Facebook suffers an outage during the stream, we'll email every member a backup stream link. It is your own responsibility to make sure your email address on file with Patreon is correct.

5. Livestreams will be presented in the highest video quality possible, but due to each individual speaker's unique computer setup, internet strength, and audio/visual gear, video quality may vary from lecture to lecture. We'll do our best to keep things as consistent and polished as possible, but there may be the occasional hiccup. Please bear with us.

6. These live presentations will only be saved until the following day's event, so roughly 16 hours. This is to accommodate our overseas attendees and the weekend workforce. Be sure to watch the streams before 4PM EST the following day, because they'll disappear after that. Just like a real conference, if you miss it, they won't be repeated. 

7. Phenomenacon is a safe, inclusive event for everyone, and the instigation of bad faith arguments, disrespecting the speakers, spamming the chatroom, fighting with with attendees, causing disruptions, or anything that might be considered "trolling" will result in an immediate removal and ban. If you want to spend $15 just to be dick, know that you won't last long and a refund will not be issued to you. Be courteous to your fellow attendees, be respectful to your speakers, and don't be a jerk. It's rough out there. Be nice.

8. Please request access to the private Facebook group before 3:00PM EST. While we'll make every possible effort to approve pending requests to the group during each night of the conference, requests sent after 4PM EST each day will not be immediate, and there's a chance you may miss portions of a lecture, as we'll be busy actually running the conference.

9. Only emails sent to or will be seen. If you have questions about the event or your membership, do not send direct messages to the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. of the organizers. They won't be seen or responded to.

10. We lack any ability to help with Patreon or Facebook platform issues. If your pledge was declined by Patreon, your Facebook account locked, or other technical issue on the end of the platforms, you must contact their customer support for assistance.

11. We highly recommend attending the conference on a laptop, desktop computer, or screencasting the event to a television for the best experience. If you choose to attend the conference on a tablet or mobile device, your experience will be limited and prone to issues with mobile data, screen size, and software limitations. 

12. *ABOUT TIPS: At the end of the weekend, all tips will be divided equally among the speakers, excluding Greg & Dana Newkirk. This is a great way to support the Phenomenacon family during the COVID-19 conference shutdowns if you just want to make a direct contribution. You can tip here. Tips are in $5 increments, but you can always up the number of increments.

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