Spiritual Consciousness Author

Kevin Briggs

This is Kevin’s first book, an instruction from his guide. His guide has accompanied Kevin on many journeys, encounters that many of us will never have. Consciousness is not an easy concept to define. His style is uncomplicated and easy, He is currently on his second book, his continuing journey. Kevin currently resides in Florida with his wife Sandy, two dogs and their adoptive chickens.

His website is:


Kevin J. Briggs

Paranormal Author & Investigator

Natalie Jones

Natalie is a Spiritual Conduit and receives messages and impressions regularly for the higher good of herself and others as well; being closely connected to the spiritual dimensions. She frequently engages in astral projection and travel. Natalie is a psychic empath and can feel others emotions and thoughts of spirits and other individuals even from long distance.

Natalie is an author and has written a book we are proud to have published, Awaken the Higher Self: Bringing Darkness to Light, about the paranormal, the path to healing, and how dark energy operates. She is a Reiki Master, has received the Melchizidek priesthood, other Light activations & continued Shaman training which help in the capacity of a healing faciliator. She enjoys yoga and vinyasa when she is not tackling the paranormal which also helps her to stay grounded and balanced.

Her website is:


Natalie Jones

Publisher/Owner, host of The UFO Woman Show, & Author

Melisa Kennedy

Melisa Kennedy is the founder of BMK Publishing.  She was born and raised in West Virginia. She  graduated with a degree in elementary education at West Virginia University.  She spent most of her free time dancing, playing piano, reading books, and writing stories to amuse herself.

Melisa now resides in Orlando, Florida where she is the CEO of UFOCon® and the host of the TV show, The UFO Woman.  It is because of this publication that she reconnected to her passion for reading and writing.

She hopes the success of her new book series, Blood Of The Kingdom, and many more she has planned, will inspire readers of all ages.


Melisa Kennedy

Medium & Author

Rehel Anderson

Rehel Anderson had many opportunities and challenges in life that made her quite unusual and interesting.  Her spirituality was a gift from God which began around the age of seven and had an uncanny ‘knowing’ that helped her throughout her life.  A knowing that most people do not attain especially at such an early age.


Her life was always changing with the many careers she had.  Working at age 11 in the fields planting celery and cabbage for a local farmer, in a turkey plant plucking turkeys, cleaning motel rooms, a waitress, office worker, secretary, TV model, owner of companies, speaker for Citizens Against Crime. She held several offices in different organizations and was in the movie industry for 15 years. She started her movie career in the locations department, was an assistant to actors, directors, producers.  She was also a double for Kim Delany and Shirley Knight, and at the same time was a Hollywood Teamster holding a Class A Commercial Drivers License and became a light stunt car driver. This career was unusual as the majority of the crew members are younger and Rehel did not begin her movie career until she was age 50 and retired at 65.


Now in her later years of life, the spiritual experiences and journey continues.


Rehel Anderson

Paranormal, UFO Author,

& TV personality

Dave Spinks

Dave has been investigating and researching the Supernatural since 1986 due to several experiences he had as a young man. Since that time he has conducted several hundred investigations in the U.S. as well as Europe.  Dave served in the U.S. Air Force for 8 Years and went on to Work as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer Retiring in 2011.  Having investigated strange phenomena for over 30 years he has built many friendships with some of the most well known investigators in the field today. He has been seen on various Television shows to include Terror in the Woods, Paranormal 911, , The unXplained, In Search of Monsters, and These Woods are Haunted to name a few. He was also featured in the Film Flatwoods Monster,( A legacy of Fear), by Small Town Monsters. 

His website is:


Dave Spinks

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